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Digital Laboratory Record Management Repository (LRMLedger)

LRMLedger - powered by DocsLedger is an unique Laboratory Records Repository solution based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), primarily addressing laboratory testing record verification requirements.

Key benefits of LRMLedger
  • Eliminates the risk concerning the authenticity of laboratory test analysis results
  • Increases laboratories credibility in the issuance mechanism of lab analysis reports
  • Reduces cost and effort in verification for regulators and agencies
  • Increases efficiency, brings the trust, transparency and enhanced security
    The platform using Hyperledger's Enterprise blockchain application framework, can be used to secure, share and authenticate all laboratory analysis results.
  • Allows laboratories to secure all testing report/certificate of customer either by creating new or updating existing document wallet in the platform for them.
  • Customers are empowered to seamlessly share and distribute their test report/certificate to anybody through the platform for their compliance needs.
  • Third party verifiers can make use of the platform to verify and authenticate the laboratory test reports, assuring them of no tampering.


Any testing laboratory, pertaining to a variety of industries like Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Consumer products, Medical device, Electronic Devices, Specialty chemical, Cement, Soil, Water Related, Environment Tests, Lubricants, Food products can make use of this platform to secure the test reports/certificates issued to their customers.

The platform will enhance the reputation of the testing laboratories to its clients and also brings internal control within the organization.


Individuals OR organizations using the third party testing services, from laboratories who are part of this platform, shall receive their test reports/certificates secured into their dedicated document wallet in this trusted platform.

It enables them to share test reports/certificates from their document wallet to customers/clients, which ensures the origin of the test reports/certificates, testing has been done by an authorized laboratory and also not tampered with.

Verifier (Regulator OR Third Party Agencies)

The platform enhances the laboratory test report/certificate (secured by laboratories), verification process by any individual, organization or third party agencies which are submitted for compliance needs.

The verification of test report/certificate done through the platform assures of no tampering. It also substantially reduces the time, effort and cost to screen and validate any test report/certificate.

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